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Our Capabilities

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GABEL with its Head Quarters in Jeddah is a virtual network of over 60 highly qualified, experienced, professionals and committed certified senior consultants and trainers operating in 28 countries.

Over past decade GABEL Consultants has developed highly practical, simple, conceptually strong and comprehensive world-class resources to help its clients in KSA achieve strategic growth and success in today’s highly volatile, dynamic and globally competitive business environment in the fields of:


         Human Resources and Business Strategic Management.

         Job Content (Job Description-Job Evaluation-Job Analysis-Job Design) and Compensation Structuring and Design.

         Organization Development and Restructuring.

         Talent Management, Performance Tracking and Executive Coaching.

         Business Process Management/Re-engineering.

         Role Settings and Executive Coaching.

         Performance Management.

         HR Function Audit.

         Training & Development (Certified Program Leaders in a vast variety of Leadership and Management development programs).