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GABEL consultants have been the sole representative partner of TDI for the last decade.

Thinking Dimensions International is the official and sole distributor of this technology and is a global consultancy that assists clients in business improvement and operational issues.

Together we provide mechanisms for critical thinking whereby we add the additional component of a “Thinking Process” to that of an employee’s technical and content knowledge to create a powerful way of solving complex and often costly problems.

Through its innovative business model TDI have established a worldwide network of well-trained and experienced consultants to bring this latest technology in thinking to businesses and their staff.

TDI K&F solutions focus on these recognized business issues:

•  Unplanned waste, rejects and other quality deviations
•  Excessive breakdowns, downtime and poor turnaround times
•  Issues with recurring problems and poor decision making
•  Slow results emerging from existing Six Sigma, LEAN and ITIL initiatives
•  Poor or ineffective innovation practices