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Most organizations lack a systematic and disciplined approach to solve problems quickly and effectively. This results in organizations losing valuable time and money, trial and error approaches, a blame fixing. The aim is to get employees competent in a proven a tested method for an innovative analysis that will save time, eliminate recurring problems and to create the best solution for any situation.



To equip participants with flexible and practical problem solving and decision making approaches that help organizations to achieve drastic improvements in their bottom line results using a unique blend of intuitive, logical and creative thinking. 



1-       Learn highly flexible and practical problem solving approaches that will enable you to solve problems effectively.


2-       Learn a systematic an integrative application of rational, intuitive and lateral problem solving strategies.


3-       Learn questioning techniques that are required to apply the various problem solving dimensions in quick, short cut approaches.


4-       Apply the thinking dimensions and approaches to own job situation.


5-       Use a systematic and logical evaluation of all alternatives.


6-       Reach consensus about the decision that must be made.


7-       Consider the potential impact that stakeholders may have on you decision.


8-        Learn how to use the various thinking approaches using case studies and exercises.


9-       Enhance the organization performance by planning for and taking advantage of opportunities.




This course is very applicable to vague, general and intangible situations; it forms the basis for all thinking dimensions and makes it flexible and practical for most problem situations, a well as for very unique company situations.


This course is structured into five types of thinking processes that describe all aspects related to problem solving and decision making work. The following is a general description of each process. learn more