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Consulting Tools Certification

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GABEL Consultants conducts certification programs for professionals from different client organizations to certify them to run Organization Surveys in their own companies/organizations. We invite you to join our team to be certified in using the Persona Global consulting tools in measuring organization performance and development needs.

  1. Organization Agility : Measuring an organization's adaptability to changing conditions -- able to spot threats and opportunities.
  2. Organization Alignment Survey: Measure and manage quality improvement and customer service -- key to beat competitors.
  3. Customer Value Survey:  Examine both functional and behavioral aspects of relative value for customer retention.
  4. Execution :   Determines how execution oriented the culture of a company (department or business unit) is, and pin points what practices and behaviors need to be focused on to move towards a strong execution culture.



All four are valuable measuring tools that organization needs to know and use to properly evaluate their progress and success. 

To run any of the above surveys please contact us and one of our certified experts will guide you to the procedure and arrange for a meeting to sign and finalize agreement. For certification enrolment and registration, please contact us.