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Emotional Capability Assessment

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“Emotional Intelligence is the ability to manage ourselves and our relationships effectively" Daniel Goleman Emotional intelligence compared to emotional capability “It is important to distinguish between two terms – emotional intelligence and emotional competence. The former refers to a person’s basic underlying capability to recognize and use emotion - “the ability to perceive and express emotion, assimilate emotion in thought, understand reason with emotion, and regulate emotion in self and others.” Mayer and Salovey 1997). This exploration of emotional intelligence built on a foundation of personality theory.” The latter is explained as “Emotional competence described the personal and social skills that lead to superior performance in the world of work.” (Cherniss and Goleman 2001 p85.). This exploration of emotional intelligence began with a theory of performance in the workplace and David McClelland’s work on competencies.

While IQ has been accepted as a measure of competence since WW1, there have been significant efforts to link emotions and intelligence primarily because it makes intuitive and common sense.  Research has shown that social intelligence is apart from academic ability and is a key part of what makes people do well in the practicalities of life.  The good news is that your level of EQ can be identified and developed - provided you are motivated.  It is not a skill that can be “taught” to an unwilling participant. Five components are seen as making up emotional capability.

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