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HR Services Assessment

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In today's business climate, HR Departments must be prepared to provide strategic direction, effective administration, and a clear conception of company culture, and stability during periods of change.

GABEL Consultants offers an integrated and comprehensive HR assessment that serves to identify weaknesses & Strength in the current HR processes. The audit provides an independent and objective assessment of HR activities, identifying the links to corporate strategy and the goals of the organization, and leads to concrete roadmap for improvements.
A standard output of the project is a final report containing assessment of the current situation based on benchmarking of relevant indicators in relevant best practices, and an action plan with recommendations for future improvements. 

Main HR Processes covered in this Audit Proposal:

    1. Evaluate Current Organization Structure of the HR Department.

2.   Recruitment & Selection

3.   Compensation

4.   Benefits

5.   Employee Relations

6. Personnel Polices / Work place rules

7. Training, Development and Career Management

8. Performance Appraisal

9. Manpower Planning

10. Documentation