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About Us

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gabelconsultant.gifDiscover how our team of consultants can provide you with Top-Tier Management, Strategy and Financial Consulting Services, at an accessible cost? We believe that we are uniquely qualified to develop the Management Change programs and re-engineering studies for our clients. Our team blends the executive skills of oil refineries, manufacturing, construction, retail merchandising, wholesale sales, financial management, e-Learning and information technology, supply and distribution management, and customer management into a cohesive integration of data leading to best practices for our clients. The international origins of the team bring exposure to the most advanced techniques of the USA, Europe, south Africa as well as thorough knowledge of the Gulf area ways of business and the entire area economy. Our consultants have a minimum of 15 years hands-on line business experience. The consultants who join the team are carefully and specifically selected for our customer needs. They have direct experience in areas where there are significant success opportunities for our clients. We were founded on the concept of business process re-engineering, have strong relationships with global research organizations and have particular strength in Strategic Management, Human Resources and organizational studies.


Vision, Mission & Values:

Our vision is to be the preferred management consulting service provider in organization development, human resources management, Information Technology and other management services to improve organization work environment for the benefit of the business community in the Middle East.

Our Mission is to provide complete HRM solutions using the latest management tools and information technology by molding our experience and knowhow with international expertise. We shall maintain an ethical competitive edge for our business through quality of talent, flexibility, innovation, superior performance, productivity and excellent customer service.

Our core values in GABEL are the main drivers for our successes. We value: Accountability, Customer Focused, Excellence, Freedom, Fun Honesty, Teamwork and Technology.

- Accountability: To succeed, we all need to be responsible and dependable.

- Customer focused: Serving them well, listening to their needs.

- Excellence: Put the Right person in the Right Job.

- Freedom: You are never trapped. Fly like a falcon toward target.

- Honesty: The truth is always the fastest way to get there.

- Teamwork: Working together  as one team.

- Technology: Make I.T. your business.